Global Brow Bar


brows design, brow henna


Brow Design 30-45 minutes | $45

Using a micro-tweezing technique and trimming we create desired shape & design to a brow. Each hair matters to create a perfect brow for each individual client. Flawless appearance achieved by finishing service with a brow powder or pencil, brow gel to set the shape in place, and brow highlighter to enhance the natural arch.

Brow Design & Tint 30 munites | $65

Brow shaping using micro-tweezing technique with a brow tinting to enhance a natural brow shape and bring a color to an eyebrows hairs to create a perfect brow shape and color. 


 Henna 30 minutes | $40 

Brow henna is a natural pigment that provides a long lasting color to a brow hairs with a grey coverage while tinting a skin to a desired shape.

 Tint 30 minutes | $40 

Desired fullness and shape of the brows is achieved by using different shades of the synthetic brow tints. This service differs from the Henna in that Brow Tinting provides a better variety of colors/shades.